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A truly free alternative to Mandrill

Meet MailerSend, the best alternative to Mandrill that enables your entire team to work together on transactional email campaigns. Instead of requiring a paid Mailchimp account, MailerSend offers a standalone free plan with all the features you need to reach your customers.

How MailerSend features compare with Mandrill

MailerSend has everything that your team needs to start designing and sending transactional emails. Get award-winning 24/7 email support in addition to marketing automation tools, advanced email tracking and free email validations!

Free plan / Add-on
Standalone free tier Yes No
Transactional emails Yes Yes
Email API Yes Yes
SMTP relay Yes Yes
Webhooks Yes Yes
Email sending domains Yes Yes
Drag & drop email builder Yes Yes
HTML editor Yes Yes
Dynamic email templates Yes Yes
File manager Yes Yes
Suppression management Yes Yes
Advanced email tracking Yes No
Real-time email analytics Yes Yes
Searchable email activity Yes Yes
Recipient activity Yes Yes
Log retention 7 days 30 days (delivered)
90 days (bounced)
User management Yes Yes
24/7 email support Yes No
Deliverability consultation Premium plan External expert

How MailerSend prices compare with Mandrill

Don’t pay for 12,000 emails/month when you can get started with a forever free plan at MailerSend. If you need more emails, just pay for what you send or upgrade to a cost-effective plan where you’ll save money, access live chat support and much more!

12,000 emails/month Free $20
50,000 $25 $40
100,000 $55 $80
250,000 $85 $200
500,000 $225 $400
750,000 $475 $540
1,000,000 $550 $720
1,500,000 $725 $960
2,000,000 $975 $1,280
2,500,000 $1,250 $1,400
2,500,000+ Custom No

5 reasons to choose MailerSend over Mandrill

Still need convincing? No problem! Here are a couple of reasons that might grab your attention.

  • Email deliverability experience

    We’re backed by over a decade of email service provider experience with MailerLite—one of the fastest-growing tools for email marketing campaigns. Our deliverability team is dedicated to reducing bounce rates while improving delivery rates, inbox placement rates and open rates.

  • Intuitively-designed tools for the entire team

    We're big believers in the power of keeping it simple—no unnecessary features or complicated processes. Your entire team can contribute to creating dynamic transactional emails with easy-to-use editors.

  • Simple and transparent pricing

    Our free plan never expires. There are no contracts or costly add-ons. Enjoy 12,000 emails/month and then only pay for what you send. Or upgrade anytime to a premium plan to enjoy cost-effective sending, email delivery consultation and much more!

  • Advanced sending infrastructure

    Our powerful infrastructure scales quickly and protects your sender reputation with robust SPF and DKIM security protocols. Send emails using our SMTP server or call our REST API with your favorite client library, PHP or Laravel.

  • Worldwide support 24/7

    We’re fast becoming well-known for our award-winning customer service! Our customer support team works around the clock to help you when you need it most, 7 days a week. Get fast email replies or enjoy live chat support with every premium plan.

Need help comparing the best alternatives?

MailerSend is the only team-friendly transactional email service with all the tools you’ll need. And the forever free plan lets you test drive it. Contact our friendly support team to learn more about why MailerSend is a better alternative for Mandrill users.

Start collaborating on transactional emails now

Whether you’re a large or small business, get your team working on bulk email campaigns in minutes. There are no long-term commitments, so everyone can try it for themselves. Start with 12,000 free emails per month, then only pay for what you send!

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