MailerSend email Airtable integration

Start sending email in bulk to recipients from your Airtable database.

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Send professional emails with HTML, templates, personalization and attachments using data from your Airtable database. Easily integrate your MailerSend and Airtable accounts to start sending emails in bulk and utilizing Airtable data for more personalized and targeted messaging.

Why integrate MailerSend with Airtable?

Save time by integrating existing Airtable data with your email-sending platform—no need for manual data transfers. Plus, make use of advanced features that allow you to send more professional emails.

1. Send email in bulk

Send messages to a whole list of email addresses from a table. No need to import contacts—plus, make use of MailerSend’s suppressions lists management for better deliverability.

2. Use MailerSend templates

Quickly start sending with our library of professionally-designed, responsive templates. Choose a template and easily customize it to fit your brand.

3. HTML emails

Enjoy the advanced functionality and design capabilities of HTML in your messages instead of sending plain text emails.

4. Personalization

Use Airtable data to personalize bulk emails to individual recipients. Make emails more engaging and target recipients better.

5. Attachments

Easily attach important files and send them to your Airtable database of recipients.

By integrating Airtable with MailerSend, you can easily make use of these features to send all kinds of personalized bulk emails including event invitations, customer follow-ups based on purchase history, targeted product launches, surveys or feedback requests, customer onboarding emails, subscription renewals, and more.

How to get started with the MailerSend Airtable integration

Step 1: Log in

Log in to your MailerSend account or sign up for free, create an API token and copy it. 

Step 2: Install the extension

Install the MailerSend extension to your base and paste the API token in the correct field.

Step 3: Update names and addresses

In Settings and sender information, enter a “From” name and “Reply-to” email address and save.

Step 4: Setup your tables

On the Send an email page, select the table and view you would like to use to send emails to. Select the To, CC and BCC fields and add a subject and body to your email. 

  1. To use a MailerSend template, enable the template option and enter your template ID.

  2. To add an attachment, use the Attachment field. 

  3. To add personalization to the email, use a {{tag}} using the name of the Airtable column.

Step 5: Send

Click Send and you are all finished!

And that’s it! You can check if the email has been sent by selecting to show the sending status on the Sent field and clicking on Get results. You can also check the email activity on MailerSend’s Activity page. 

Start sending emails with your Airtable data today! Install the MailerSend Email Airtable integration.