Novu integration with MailerSend

Manage all communications in one place with Novu and MailerSend

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Integration Support

Check out their Discord or create an issue on their GitHub repository.

Building a notification system is complicated. At first, it seems like just sending an email, but in reality, it's just the beginning. Users today expect a multi-channel communication experience via email, SMS, push, chat, and other channels. An ever-growing list of providers is popping up daily, and notifications are spread around the code. Novu's goal is to simplify notifications and provide developers with the tools to create meaningful communication between the system and its users.

Get Started

npx novu init

After setting up your account using the cloud or docker version you can trigger the API using the @novu/node package:

npm install @novu/node
import { Novu } from '@novu/node';

const novu = new Novu(process.env.NOVU_API_KEY);

await novu.trigger('<TRIGGER_NAME>', {
  to: [
      subscriberId: '<UNIQUE_IDENTIFIER>',
      email: '',
      firstName: 'John',
      lastName: 'Doe',
  payload: {
    name: 'Hello World',
    organization: {
      logo: '',


import import { MailersendEmailProvider } from '@novu/mailersend';
 const provider = new MailersendEmailProvider({
     apiKey: process.env.MAILERSEND_API_KEY