New Drag & drop email builder: A fresh design plus more options for customizing templates

Agathe Brusset Agathe Brusset
· 3 min read · New features and updates · January 15th, 2024
Creating email templates just got easier with the new MailerSend email builder. We’ve introduced more blocks, more branding options and a fresh new design. Here’s what you can do.

We’re excited to announce a complete redesign of our Drag & drop email editor. It’s now easier to create professional, branded templates than ever before. What’s more, if you’re a MailerLite user, the new design is inline with the email marketing platform’s own drag & drop editor, so you’ll enjoy a seamless experience between the two. 

Let’s take a look at the features and design of the editor, starting with a new, more intuitive interface.

Redesigned interface for more efficient template creation

Blocks and settings have been moved into separate panels so you can quickly locate the blocks you need on the left-hand side of the editor. Blocks are hidden until you hover over each category, giving you a better overview of the types of content blocks available. Then, just as before, simply drag and drop to add the block to your email template. 

A screenshot of the MailerSend Drag & drop email builder showing the new interface.

User-friendly inline editing

You can now edit template copy within the builder’s template preview, leaving the right-hand panel for template and block settings. This is a more intuitive way to edit the content and makes for a more seamless template creation experience. You can also edit various settings directly from the template preview, such as font formatting, links, and variables. 

A screenshot of the Drag & drop email builder highlighting the new inline editing capabilities.

Ability to save custom blocks

We’ve added the option to save custom blocks to use on future templates. Reusing settings from previous templates saves time when creating emails and ensures your designs remain consistent. Simply tailor a block to fit your brand design, click the Template icon and hit Save. You can then access all saved block templates in the Saved blocks section. 

A screenshot of the MailerSend Drag & drop email editor highlighting the ability to save custom blocks.

Global branding settings

Now you can reuse branding settings on every template you create. In the Settings panel, you can easily add the logo, brand colors, menu items, and social links that you want to appear across all transactional emails. This ensures brand consistency and makes it much easier for multiple team members to contribute to creating email templates.

A screenshot of the Drag & drop email builder highlighting the ability to globally edit branding settings.

More pre-built content blocks

 MailerSend’s Drag & drop template builder now has 96 pre-built content blocks you can use to effortlessly create your emails. We’ve added additional: 

  • Section blocks, making it easy to structure your templates with various column formats

  • Content blocks including CTAs and various image and text combinations

  • Special blocks such as accordion and applications

And more!

A screenshot of the MailerSend Drag & drop email builder highlighting the new pre-built content blocks.

How to access the new Drag & drop editor

MailerSend users already have access and don’t need to do a thing—when you go to create a new template, you’ll be directed to the all-new editor. 

As we built the new editor from scratch, you cannot use it to edit your existing templates. Don’t worry though—the old editor is still available if you need to make changes to templates built before the new release.

Enjoy the all-new Drag & drop email builder

This new version of the editor with its additional features and fresh design will make it much easier to quickly create email templates, giving you more time to spend time on other tasks. What’s more, the intuitive design and global settings allow more people to contribute with ease. 

We’d love to get your feedback about the new Drag & drop editor. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Agathe Brusset
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