Send Newsletters

Our fast and reliable servers can send more than 5 million emails per hour. Moreover, we will take care of all the deliverability issues and make sure that your newsletters reach subscriber inbox.

Dedicated IP is assigned to every client. It enhances deliverability even more and helps to solve any issues faster. In addition we are backed by global deliverability experts – Return Path.

  • Set Time

    With MailerSoft you can set time when your newsletter will be sent. Check your newsletter reports to see when your subscribers are most active and schedule tour campaigns at that time to reach maximum effect.

  • Top Deliverability

    We have the power to deliver your emails successfully to the Inbox. Authentication, ongoing firm relationships with ISPs, monitoring tools and industry-leading mail servers ensure your emails are delivered.

  • Powerful Servers

    Sending speed is becoming more and more important. We have more than 50 powerful servers, which can send about 5 million emails per hour. If you need, we can even provide you with a higher speed - our team likes challenges.

  • DomainKeys, Sender ID, SPF

    We give your email newsletters the best possible chance of being delivered. Improve your email deliverability with the most reliable authentication methods – DomainKeys and Sender ID, used by top ISPs.

  • ISP Feedback Loops

    We're integrated into the feedback loop of all the big ISP's, like Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL. Should a subscriber marks you as spam, we'll have them removed from your lists automatically!

  • Monitoring

    We use monitoring tools to scan blacklists and to check our servers reputation. Moreover, we have direct relations with ISP. So if anything happens with deliverability we will be the first to know and will fix it fast.

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