Subscriber Management

MailerSoft subscriber management feature covers everything from importing subscribers via CSV, TXT or Excel file and automatically managing bounces, and unsubscribes to creating segments and analyzing subscriber stats.

  • Unlimited Subscriber Lists

    Use our Email Marketing Software to create or upload as many lists as you need. MailerSoft will organize your new sign-ups, unsubscribes, bounced emails and even spam complaints.

  • Import From Files

    You can easily upload your subscriber lists via TXT, Excel or CSV files. MailerSoft will automatically recognize all fields in your file and let you choose how you want to store them in the system.

  • Integrate with API

    You can sync your subscriber database directly with MailerSoft. Our API makes it easy for developers to simply and smoothly integrate MailerSoft with other apps, like e-shop, CRM or any other system.

  • Custom Fields

    Add as many custom fields as you like. Store loads of information about your subscribers. The more details you hold the easier it is to create segments for the ultimate high impact marketing.

  • Segments

    With MailerSoft you can segment your subscriber lists based on previous engagement, location, social stats, age range or whatever is most relevant to your email marketing campaign.

  • Add a Subscribe Form

    We can help you add newsletter sign-up form to your website or Facebook page. We will design the subscribe form to match your business style. New subscribers will go directly to your MailerSoft account.

  • Social Profiles

    Upload your mailing list and MailerSoft will automatically enhance it with publicly available social data. Learn more about your subscribers, find out who is using social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin.

  • Group Stats

    MailerSoft will help you learn more about your subscriber groups and compare them. You'll see average open and click rates, list growth graphs, pie charts showing engagement, reading environments and more.

  • Export to Excel

    Want to store and analyse any or all of your subscriber lists offline? Just select subscribers or whole groups and export it to Excel. We don't lock your data, you have the full freedom all the time.

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