Extra Features

We are ready to help with anything that might make your email marketing campaigns more effective – subscriber preference centers, automatic content from websites or files, API, special integrations, and custom solutions.

  • Subscriber Preference Center

    Let your subscribers change their own subscription details. This might mean updating just their name or email address, but you can also set it up so subscribers can edit any custom field information you have stored for them.

  • Automatic Content Capture

    MailerSoft helps you save time! You don't need to input all your content manually - MailerSoft can automatically pull content from your website. This feature is perfect for e-shop newsletters, where you have to put many products.

  • Surveys

    Find out more about your customers! MailerSoft has integrations with some popular and user friendly survey services like Wufoo and Popsurvey. We will help you setup the survey and send invitation emails.

  • Facebook App

    Start collecting subscribers on Facebook! Our Facebook Subscribe app makes it easy to drop a sign-up form right into your Facebook page. We will even help you with the form design and make it match your business style.

  • API Integration

    You can sync your subscriber database directly with MailerSoft. Our API makes it easy for developers to simply and smoothly integrate MailerSoft with other apps, like e-shop, CRM or any other system.

  • Custom Integrations

    We are open and ready to make custom integrations with your systems. Our goal is to help you optimize the process of creating newsletters, managing subscribers and sending your campaigns.

More Features