Build Beautiful Newsletters

It's fast and easy to build beautiful email newsletters with MailerSoft's drag-and-drop content editor. Now marketing people can do it on their own - no need to ask help from developers or have any HTML skills.

  • Unique Design Templates

    We design unique Newsletter Design Template for every customer. Later, using our newsletter content editor, you'll be able to change layout, add your text, and images. Additionally you get 1-3 days of design and creative work every month. For free.

  • Drag-and-drop Editor

    Building email newsletters is fast and easy with MailerSoft. Just drag and drop your content, change layout, add text and images. It will take you just a few minutes to create good looking email newsletters. No HTML skills needed.

  • Personalise your emails

    Make your emails personal! Why not insert your subscribers name or maybe a product they’ve shown interest in? Just add merge tags in the text of your newsletter and each subscriber will get it with its personal data.

  • Optimized for All Email Clients

    There are more than 30 email clients and services (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Apple Mail and many more...). We make sure that your email newsletters look great not only on all email clients but also in mobile devices.

  • Automatic Content

    MailerSoft helps you save time! You don't need to input all your content manually - MailerSoft can automatically pull content from your website. This feature is perfect for e-shop newsletters, where you have to put many products.

  • Image Hosting

    You can upload and store an unlimited amount of photos and image files such as logos and other. We use CDN to ensure your images upload fast anywhere in the world. With MailerSoft you can also edit images - crop and resize.

Newsletter Design

For every customer we create custom design newsletter template.

More Features

  • Subscriber Management

    Manage Subscribers

    MailerSoft subscriber management feature covers everything from importing subscribers via CSV, TXT or Excel file and automatically managing bounces, and unsubscribes to creating segments and analyzing subscriber stats.

    More about Subscriber Management

  • Send newsletters

    Send Newsletters

    Our fast and reliable servers can send more than 5 million emails per hour. Moreover, we will take care of all the deliverability issues and make sure that your email newsletters reach subscriber inbox.

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  • Newsletter Reports

    Newsletter Reports

    With MailerSoft you can track everything: opens, clicks, unsubscribes, spam complaints, bounces, link activity, reading environment and much more. Analyze campaign stats or narrow it to a single subscriber.

    More about Newsletter Reports